Pediatric Dentistry: Children & Family Services At Mount Pearl

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Mount Pearl Dental loves treating kids! We know that maintaining your child's oral health is important -  which is why we offer convenient children's services.

Our family-friendly office

We are a child-friendly, family dental office! We love seeing our youngest patients smile and will do everything we can to ensure that they feel at ease in our care. Ask us about a colouring page for your child to enjoy while they wait. 

When should my child start visiting the dentist?

We recommend that your child visits the dentist at the first sign of a tooth, or on their first birthday.

We may not need to see them again until the rest of their teeth come in around age three. Bringing them in for an initial visit will help us diagnose any potential issues down the road. 

Mouth safety

To keep your child's smile safe during the sports season, we create custom-made mouth guards onsite.

A proper mouth guard will cover both teeth and gums to prevent injury to your child's mouth. Mouth guards can even help prevent concussion, as they prevent the lower and upper teeth from striking each other forcefully enough to impact the brain.

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